• EMDR Intensives in Ontario

    You need change to happen NOW. You’re a busy parent and your family needs you to feel better ASAP. Let’s get you started.

    With EMDR Intensives, we speed things up so you can get back to living life. Now more than ever, busy parents need flexibility and faster access to mental health care.

    You can skip the waitlist and get personalized treatment so that your trauma symptoms don’t pull you away from your life anymore.

    EMDR Intensives are for those who:

    – can’t access weekly therapy sessions because of their multiple commitments and busy schedules

    – went through a traumatic birth experience with their first baby, are due with their second and want relief from their flashbacks, nightmares, intense anxiety

    – are a healthcare worker on medical leave and want relief from their trauma symptoms linked to a traumatic event that happened while at work

    – already have a talk therapist they trust and want to access highly specialized focused trauma therapy

    – need help QUICKLY

    Research shows the effectiveness of EMDR Intensives:

    – PTSD: Similar or even better results when using an intensive approach compared to traditional therapy https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24480899/


    – Improvement in trauma symptoms in a very short amount of time: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5804727/

    – Economic in the long run because an intensive program may shorten treatment time: a) time spent checking in at the beginning of a session is limited, b) any current crisis or concern can be worked through with a primary talk therapist, while an EMDR intensive session is focused, c) more time spent healing rather than coping, d) time spent containing a disturbing memory without processing it is limited. Learn more: https://www.childtrauma.com/blog/economic/

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