• EMDR Intensives: Is this for me?

    Now more than ever, busy parents are realizing that what they went through in their childhood has left a wound that needs healing. The change towards healing needs to happen as quickly as possible because of the many responsibilities we have.

    A traumatic birth (for both parents), a childhood filled with emotional neglect, sexual abuse, multiple medical interventions, the overwhelming feeling of lacking safety (and more) are all reasons why parents need trauma treatment. The intergenerational cycle of trauma ends with you, but you need guidance.

    When we’re trying to parent our own children but our old stuff keeps coming in the way (like when your child yells nonstop and you find yourself wanting to hide, yell back or smack, run from the situation or give as much candy as they want so that they can just leave you in peace) and you feel like you can’t cope with what happened to you while trying to be a good parent, that’s when EMDR intensives come in. 

    I get it – weekly 1 hour therapy sessions are OK but they ask allot of you. You need to either take time off work, take time away from family or other obligations, get to your appointment or find a quiet spot to have your virtual appointment, then you check in with your therapist (sometimes for up to 20 minutes or more), THEN you start talking about the hard stuff and before you know it … time to wrap up! Kinda frustrating. There is a solution to this.

    With EMDR intensive therapy, we speed things up. How does 1 month worth of therapy in 1 day sound? Or 3 months worth of therapy in 3 days?

    Imagine the breakthroughs you could have. You don’t have to wait to see and feel change happen. You can get started today and get on with your life. 

    As time goes on, more and more research emerges on the safety and efficacy of EMDR intensives (to learn more, visit the “EMDR Intensives in Ontario” page). We already knew that EMDR is safe and effective, it’s just that we are now giving ou the opportunity to get the accelerated version. 

    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It was created in the ’80s by Dr Francine Shapiro from the US and has been the subject of many studies, proving time and time again that it IS possible to heal from PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, and Depression (to name a few). This isn’t like typical talk therapy because we treat the trauma that is stored in your body. Therefore, we work with your body to release the negative impacts of trauma. 

    Witnessing a client clear out their trauma is truly an honour (best job ever). I get a front row seat to my client’s healing, and I know that they will get to:

    – be the parent they want to be

    – feel confident in their role

    – stop feeling like there is something wrong with them

    – feel lighter and unburdened

    – enjoy family life again.

    So what do you think?

    Get on the path to healing with EMDR Intensives, contact me today to set up your consultation and get things moving.