• I help stressed out postpartum moms and moms who had a rough childhood 

    become the mother they want to be.

    Therapy for moms in Ottawa & area

    Hi, I’m Danik Bernier, MSW, RSW. I’m a bilingual perinatal and trauma therapist in the Ottawa area (English & French). I know how painful it can be to own our role as a mother. Help is here.

    You find that you have trouble falling/staying asleep because you have to watch every breath your baby takes – just in case. Looking back, you realize your parents failed to give you the emotional (and sometimes physical) safety that you needed, and you are determined to break the cycle.

    You feel intense pressure to be the best mother, but the stress of the postpartum period is too much. You are not alone.

    Complications during birth often lead to birth trauma, but the signs aren’t always clear.

    I help moms through therapy to heal from their birth trauma, childhood trauma, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety with EMDR therapy (also offered intensively).

    You are worthy of being taken care of.

    Your intrusive thoughts on something bad happening to the baby are not the boss of you. What you went through as a child is not your fault, and what happened during the birth of your baby is not your fault either. You feel intense pressure to be the opposite of your parents, and it is overwhelming. The overwhelm can move and let healing take place. EMDR therapy can do that for you.